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We have a breadth of experience working for insurers, policyholders and brokers alike. We know how our opponents think because we have seen coverage disputes from every perspective. 


We bring that experience and expertise together for each of our clients.
We have dealt with the full range of policies including:

• Professional indemnity insurance
• Product liability insurance
• Employer liability insurance
• Legal expenses insurance
• General business insurance  

How we work

We will give you a frank assessment of the merits of your case and we will tell you what we think you can achieve.  This doesn’t always coincide with the merits.  You don’t necessarily want to hear our war stories (though we are happy to tell them) but we obtain results
for our clients, often against the odds. 

That comes from combining excellent technical understanding with a genuine passion
for devising the right strategy to achieve the best result possible.

Our services

We deal with the full range of policy issues, including:

•    Scope of insurance and exclusions
•    Misrepresentation and non-disclosure
•    Conditions precedent and subsequent
•    Financial limits and excesses

We are ready to deal with the challenges and opportunities posed for insurers, policyholders and brokers alike by the Insurance Act 2015 and Third Party (Rights Against Insurers) Act 2010.

As well as claims within the Court’s jurisdiction, our Partners have regularly acted and advised in relation to Arbitration and Financial Ombudsman Service claims.