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Litigation can be a burden for any business. When you do litigate, it is usually because something
has gone wrong.


You need lawyers that you can trust and are easily accessible, advice you can understand and a clear costs picture so you can make proper risk/reward decisions for your business.

Our approach

We act for businesses of all shapes and sizes, in a variety of sectors. You’ll find us approachable and innovative. We listen. We pride ourselves on giving you, from the outset, a clear assessment of the merits, what can be achieved and what strategy we should adopt to achieve that.  We are experts in negotiating settlement of disputes. Above all, we get
excellent results for our clients.

Our work

We deal with the full range of commercial disputes which include the following:

• Contract disputes and product liability
• Share and asset purchases
• Partnership, shareholder and director/officer disputes
• Intellectual property and brand protection
• Employment and agency disputes
• Insolvency and asset recovery

Transparent fee structures

Litigation costs are an unwanted expenditure.  To some extent that is unavoidable, though we have a range of funding options that we can discuss
with you to suit your needs. 

We have stripped out costs associated with more traditional law firms and what you pay for is simply time and effort spent by our experts to resolve your case. 

We are also committed to ensuring that we are transparent and upfront about fees so you have a clear picture as to what your dispute will cost and enable you
to make the right risk/reward decisions.