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Contracts are the cornerstone of most businesses. When they work, they provide a solid foundation for successful commercial relationships and business growth. However, they are also a very common source of disputes.

Parties fall out over many aspects of contracts including the rights and obligations under the contract, the interpretation or effect of particular clauses, and the validity of the contract itself. When this happens we understand the problems it can cause, and the need for efficient and effective action.

Our people are experts in analysing and advising in respect of all types of commercial contract disputes, in a wide range of industry sectors. We take time to understand each client’s business, the nature of, and relationship behind, the contract in question and the key commercial objectives. This enables us to not only advise on the law, but on strategy and the most appropriate and cost-effective way of achieving the right outcome for each client, whatever that might be.

We have considerable experience in all forms of dispute resolution in the context of commercial contracts including mediation, arbitration and trials.