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Arranging insurance can be a minefield. Making claims, managing them and ensuring that your policy responds can present even greater challenges. 

Brokers will offer invaluable assistance in arranging cover and presenting claims. But sometimes you will need expert assistance on your legal rights and obligations, particularly if faced with an insurer declining to cover some or all of your claim.

We have many years’ experience and expertise acting for insurers and policyholders alike.  We are well-versed in the changes brought about by the Insurance Act 2015 and are here to guide you through any insurance-related dispute.

Coverage Disputes

A policyholder is subject to complex and onerous obligations around disclosure and compliance with policy terms.  Breach of these obligations may lead to an insurer declining a claim in full or in part.  The position is rarely straightforward and there is usually a way to fight back.

We understand the arguments on both sides of the fence, whether it relates to breach of warranty, material non-disclosure or breach of conditions.  We know how to put a strategy in place to maximise your chances of resolving the dispute.  We know how to take the fight to insurers.

Obtaining cover and managing risk

As well as assisting on disputes, we can help you avoid them in the first place.  We can assist you and your broker with presentation of risk and disclosure obligations that have been radically altered by the Insurance Act 2015.  We can also provide consultancy on appropriate record-keeping and procedures for monitoring risk/reducing claims exposure within an organisation.